Joining The School

St Philip’s can take a maximum of 40 children in each year group.  For the last 5 years we have been full and oversubscribed.

Admission arrangements can be found in more detail on our admissions page.


Starting School for the first time

Starting school is a very important time for you, your child and the school. We all need to work together to make the transition smooth and rewarding.

In the term prior to their entry, pupils will be invited into school for visits. This will help them become familiar with the surroundings and routines of school. During this period, there will be a meeting for parents/carers to discuss our partnership with you and talk about any concerns you might have.

Pupils will be admitted to St Philip’s Primary School in the September of the year in which they are five. Initially, younger pupils will attend for half a day only to ease their transition into school. Normally, all pupils will be attending full time by the October half term, but parents / carers must not feel that their child should stay at school for longer hours than they can manage. A happy and successful start is important for a successful school career.

We have positive links with our feeder nursery settings.   
In the past we have received children from:
St Martins Garden
Buttercup Barn
Green Shoots
Combe Down Nursery
and others

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