Curriculum Intent Statement - SCIENCE


Science is a core subject in the National Curriculum.  At St Philip’s, we recognise the value of science in igniting children’s curiosity and wonder of the world around them. We want to teach our children to care for our planet. 

Through learning the disciplines of testing, scientific enquiry and systematic problem solving, children will develop their understanding in science.  By gaining scientific knowledge, skills and vocabulary our children will be equipped to communicate confidently and work collaboratively as scientists. They will be inspired to ask questions about the world they live in and supported to test their ideas out in practical ways. 

Scientists are crucial in our society. It is important for children to understand the work of past scientists and how it has affected their lives. In studying scientists past and present, we want to widen our children’s opportunities by encouraging them to consider future careers in science. Scientists allow us to understand how to interact responsibly with our ever-changing world.  They develop future solutions to help us live more sustainably in a healthier world.

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