Religious Education

The intent of our RE curriculum is to engage children with the major faiths of our day: what is believed across our city, country and the wider world. We want our children to be genuinely intrigued by how faith impacts upon the lives of believers, both today and in the past, and to consider what relevance such faith may have to us today in the 21st century.  We encourage our children to listen sincerely to the viewpoints of others and, by drawing comparisons with their own lives, show empathy to those whose worldview may be very different to their own.  We believe that with greater understanding comes greater tolerance for the life, culture, freedom and faith of others.

Our RE Curriculum is taught over a 2-Year cycle;  Cycle A and Cycle B.  We change the whole school planning cycle in September 2022 from a 4-Year cycle to a 2 year cycle so the plans are still being written - here is what we have so far:

Key Stage 1 Cycle A

Lower Key Stage 2 Cycle A

Upper Key Stage 2 Cycle A

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