Friday 17th July

You did it! You made it to summer! This year hasn’t been easy and hasn’t looked the way we expected it to, but you have all done so brilliantly and we are so proud of you!

Thank you for making the Thrive page so fun! We have loved sharing ideas with you and teaching you more about Thrive. We hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have!

We hope you have a wonderful summer, full of fun, rest and relaxation! See you again in September :) Year 6’s please come back to visit us soon, we miss you already!

Love from Mrs Phillippo and Mrs Philips x

Mrs phillippo   Mrs philips

May the Lord bless you and keep you, and make His face shine upon you this summer! 

Thursday 16th July

Hi everyone! Let's have a look at some outdoor fun for this summer!

Get Active

Go for a walk and then make a collage from nature objects you find along the way.

Colour hunt

Visit the beach and collect shells. Go for a dip in the sea if you’re feeling brave!

Go biking on a trail.

Stage your own Summer Olympics with races, hurdles and relays! Who will win the gold medal?

Summer olympics

Have a water balloon fight.

Make a giant slip-n-slide with bin bags and washing up liquid.

Slip n slide

Take bread to a creek and feed the ducks.

Nature treasure hunts - Go on a treasure hunt inside or outside the house. Collect anything interesting or unusual. For example, flowers, buttons, leaves and toys. Bug hunts - how many different ones can you find?

Go on a gratitude scavenger hunt Have a look back at our thankfulness pages for more ideas.

Create an outdoor bowling alley - stack up some plastic cups, plastic bottles or blocks, and create your own bowling alley. Use a ball to roll down and see how many you can knock over. Who will be the first to get a strike?!

Bowling alley back garden


Get crafty

Make your own chalk to paint the pavements. Click here to find out how.

Make a giant hopscotch or Twister game on the driveway with chalk or create your own pavement artwork.

Chalk pavement art

Make your own grass head. Watch this video to find out how.

Make a fort out of cardboard boxes.

Make paper boats and race them in a kiddie pool using straws to propel them.

Collect rocks and paint them to use as paperweights or pet rocks. Have a look back at our joy pages to see how it’s done.

Make your own hard-to-pop bubbles with 1 cup of distilled water, 2 tablespoons of dish soap and 1 tablespoon of glycerin.

Lie in the garden and see what shapes you can make with the clouds.

Make a kite and test it out on a windy day!


Try something new/visit new places

Have a back garden campfire...or just use the grill! Roast hot dogs on sticks, pop popcorn and finish off with s'mores.

Plan a picnic at a local park, or in your backyard.

Have a backyard camp-out.

Learn about stargazing and identify as many constellations as possible.

Turn the backyard into a carnival -- set up a face painting area and games like ring toss.

Backyard carnival

Learn a new skill: Can you learn to juggle with two scarves or even three scarves? It could be any type of material- it doesn’t have to be a scarf! Can you share your new skill with others and teach them how to do it? Click here to see how.

Play crazy-golf -- or set up a course in your driveway by laying different size containers on their sides.

Backyard mini golf

Set up a bike wash and raise money for a local charity.

Watch the sunset or sunrise.


Set up a tent in the back garden to use as a summer playhouse.

Pick a nearby town to visit for the day. Last week I visited the Westbury White Horse. It was amazing to see and they even had an ice cream van there! Where will you visit this summer?

At the westbury horse

There are so many lovely things you can do this summer; this list is only the beginning! Have a look back over the Thrive pages from the past couple of months and see what else you could do. And don’t forget to use your imagination – when you use it you’re never bored!


Wednesday 15th July  

Hi everyone!

Over the next couple of days we’re going to be sharing some ideas with you about lots of fun things you can do this summer! We’ll start today by looking at some indoor fun if the weather isn’t so good and tomorrow we’ll share some fun things to do outdoors when the weather is nice!

Get Crafty

Practice your origami skills and make objects to hang from the ceiling. Click here to learn how.

Make a photo journal or a family yearbook.

Assemble a family cookbook with all your favourite recipes (look back at some of the recipes we shared), then have a family dinner party.

Have a look back at music week to see how to make your own instruments. Click here to try your hand at making maracas.


Have a look back at bug week to make your own mini beasts.

Make friendship bracelets. Click here to find out how.

Make a pinwheel. Here’s how we did ours in the key worker group! Don’t they look amazing!

Sofia & Olive with pinwheels  KW Children blowing pinwheels Jo and Jacob with pinwheels

Pick 5 kind things you can do today and carry them out. Look back at our kindness pages for some ideas.

Create a shared art piece! On a giant piece of paper (it could be a big strip of old wallpaper), work on some shared art. Everybody choose a section and start creating some art– whatever you would like to do. After 5 minutes everyone moves round and adds to another part of the paper. This could also be done to your favourite song!

Make a balloon pet. Blow up a balloon. Draw a pet face on the front. Cut and tie the leash on. Make paper ears and a streamer for the tail, then stick them on with tape. Why not take it for a walk! You could even make a whole balloon farm! 

 Balloon pets

Create a memory box or bag of all your favourite things/people you are missing. For example, collect objects, photos, anything that reminds you and save them. Decorate it however feels good for you.

Create your own paper face masks together. You could do emotions of how you feel right now, animals, family members, friends, your favourite character. Click here for some templates.

Junk modelling. Use your saved recycling rubbish to explore, create and experiment. Use glue, sticky tape, string, paint, anything you like and let your imagination go wild! Download ‘Junk Materials Challenge Cards’ for creative inspiration.

Junk modelling


Play games

Stage an A to Z scavenger hunt, where you have to find something that starts with every letter.

Practice making interesting shadow puppets and then put on a show with your characters.

Shadow puppets  

Have a game night with charades, Pictionary and bingo.

Create an obstacle course together. Decide together if you have to go under, over, around or along something. See who can complete it the quickest! How could you make it easier or harder?

Play the “who am I game”. Stick the name of who you are on your head and let others try and guess!

Create a compliment game. Sit together and take it in turns to say something about each other and try and guess who the compliment is for. You could describe how they look or something about their personality (eg. they are kind). Practice receiving a compliment as much as giving.

Hand Clapping games. A feel good activity – how many can you remember?

Parachute game. Get a bed sheet and fill the centre with balls or scrunched up paper. Move the sheet up and down and see who can get the objects off the sheet as quick as possible.

Bed sheet parachute

Play the ‘I’m Being Silly’ game! Your grown up starts off with a simple story and you have to stop them when they have said something silly. For example: Johnny was a four-year-old boy on his way to school. As he left, he grabbed his car keys and buckled himself into the driver’s seat. If you don’t stop them, they get to keep going. Make the story as easy or as tricky as you like. Swap over!

Play the ‘Dreaming that we are in/at…’ game. Someone chooses an imaginary place to go to (for example a school) but keeps it secret. Players then suggest things to bring and have to guess where it is they are. So “tent” would be wrong – no tents in school. But a “notebook” is right. Winner gets to choose the next ‘dream’ destination and maybe choose a forfeit for the loser. You could play this over Zoom with your friends too!

Play the game ‘Would you rather’

Play 20 Questions! Think of an object and have a member of your family ask a Yes or No question to try to learn more about the mystery object. Answer the question with a Yes or No. Take turns asking Yes or No questions up to a total of 20 Questions and see if they can guess your object. Take it in turns to ask the questions.

Guess who: Can you name these Disney Pixar characters when they were babies?

Do an online quiz of your choice, you could even compete with other members of your family. 

Make a game with jumping frogs! Decide the rules and learn a new skill too! Make the frogs with origami. Click here to learn how. 

Origami frogs



Print out a list of the best recent children's books. Visit the local library throughout the summer and try to read as many as you can.

Have a family movie night.


Learn how to do yoga. Visit GoNoodle and learn some yoga moves.

Have a look back at the mindfulness pages. Take time to deep breathe and relax for 10 minutes – lay down and relax into your body – how are you feeling? Play some quiet music if this helps.

Create a feelings map for your house. Draw a map with all of the rooms in your house on and colour it in. Think about how that room makes you feel - You could put sleepy for your bedroom or safe and snuggly in the lounge.

Do a mood walk. Create a walk or dance to go with different moods and feelings – get someone to name different feelings and create a walk for that. Just like this video!

Try to relax with this guided visualisation Take all the cushions and pillows and make a cosy den too.

Have a pamper session and even make your own bath bomb here 

Pamper session

If you’re feeling a bit stressed make your own Ninja stress balls here 

Ninja stress balls


Learn a new skill/Try something new

Write and illustrate your own book and have it published into an actual hardcover book using a self publishing tool.

Interview an older relative about what life was like when they were young.

Visit a museum you've never been to.

Learn a bunch of jokes and tell them to your family. You could use this link to learn some jokes that you have never heard before.

Draw some zentangle doodle art designs. Click here to learn how.

Zentangle art

Why not try to learn a skill, we think OP art is a great place to start. 

Have a go at creating your family mission statement, and answering these reflection questions.

Watch this video to learn some card tricks.

Card tricks

Try The Oti Mabuse (from Strictly Come Dancing) Cha Cha dancing challenge

Plan your very own escape room !


Tuesday 14th July


What will you be up to?  






Water gun 1

Forest stream

Girl painting easel


 What ever you do.. you can make it fun! 

Monday 13th July


It's the last week of term!

 workouts at home

These have been very different months for everyone and you have done amazingly well. We are so proud of you because we know it has been hard at times not being able to go to school. We keep thinking of you and have been cheering you on, along with your teachers. At this time of year you will be looking ahead to September and things getting back to a bit of normality at school. Some of you will be wondering how your class will be, your teachers will be doing all they can to make it the best for you. It might be a little worrying because it will be new but it is also going to be exciting to move into a new class.

We began the Thrive page 12 weeks ago because we wanted to let you know we think you are very important and deserve the best we can do, even though things have been very limited during lockdown. We have enjoyed looking for things to make you smile!

Can you look back a little over these months …can you write or draw some things you have enjoyed- some happy memories.

 What would your happy memories be? They can be really small fun things, what is important is that they are your memories.



How about re visiting some of these daily pages?Joy from Inside Out

Can you remember the First week was all about JOY … ? There were some Jokes and a Joy Jar and the most adorable Rabbit…. Can you remember his name and some things about him? If you look back to the beginning you can watch those clips of him again!

One of my favourite weeks was all about Celebrating You… can you remember the fingerprints and how everyone in the whole world is unique! Amazing. 

B day cake

I planted some red Sunflower seeds and 3 months later look how they have grown!

Sunflower plantSunflowerSunflowers

When we see you in September you will have grown again! We are looking forward to seeing you again.

Pets at Home


Isla had a day out at the sea! Her tail wagged all day, she loved it. She spashed in the water and dug in the sand. 

Isla at the sea

Friday 10th July

Hi everyone!

You made it to Friday and another week closer to summer, well done!

We’ve been thinking a lot about music this week; how much fun it can bring and how it helps us to understand some emotions and express our feelings.

Today we will listen to several pieces of music and think about how they make us feel.

First, let’s make a feelings card. Take a piece of paper and draw a box and write as many emotions or feelings as you can. Here’s an example of one that you can add to.

Emotions card

Next, let’s listen to these pieces of music and think about which emotion they might be expressing. How do they make you feel? You can choose some words from your feelings card to help you.

This piece made me feel hopeful and triumphant. Which words did you choose from your feelings card?

This piece feels more serious and dramatic.

This one made me feel excited, joyful and peaceful.

How did they make you feel? You might have chosen different words to me from your feelings card and that’s good - music makes each of us feel differently and we can interpret it differently too. There is no right answer. The important thing is that it helps us to understand emotions and how they might be expressed.

Music Emotion Emojis

I’m sure you recognised each of these soundtracks, but did you know that they were composed by the same person? His name is John Williams. Even though they were all written by the same composer they are very different, and each of them makes us feel something different. Isn’t it clever how music can do that?!

Have a listen to these pieces over the weekend and think about the emotions the composer might be trying to express and how they make you feel.

Child and music

Now you know how to recognise different emotions in music, if you ever find it tricky to tell someone how you feel you can use these pieces, or some of your own music, to express how you are feeling! Isn’t that amazing!

Well done on another great week of Thrive, we’ve loved having you here! Have a restful weekend everyone :) 

Thursday 9th July

Hi everyone! I hope you had fun making some musical instruments yesterday, I know I did. Today, let’s have some fun playing music games.

First up is a game called ‘Animal Dance’!

All you need to do is think of some animals and choose some music. Choose an animal before the music starts playing and once it starts playing you need to dance imitating the animal! What moves could you do to communicate which animal you are without using any words?

These animals are pulling some pretty fun dance moves! :)

Animal dancing Animal dancing 2 Dancing squirrel

Our next game is called ‘Tissue Ballerina’. This one requires lots of balance!

Each of you needs to place a tissue on your head. When the music starts you dance, but you have to make sure that the tissue doesn’t fall off! If it does you’re out of the game – be quick; if you catch it before it falls to the floor you can stay in! Keep playing until there’s just one person left.

Tissue ballerina

This would be a fun one to do with your whole class when in school!

A final game you could play is called ‘So you think you can dance’.

This one requires you pairing up with someone; a class friend, sibling or grown up – whoever you can get involved! Next, you need to choose a piece of music then choreograph some dance moves to it, expressing how the music makes your body feel. Making up dance routines is so much fun! Once you have yours you can then do a dance off with another pairing! It’s the perfect game for your garden and the playground!

Dancing in the playground

There are loads more games you can make from music, click here to try some of them out today and have fun!


Wednesday 8th July

Hi everyone! 

Today we’re going to have a go at making our own instruments!

Yesterday we learnt about the didgeridoo, do you remember where it comes from? Here’s how to make your very own one!

Homemade didgeridoo

You will need 1 cardboard wrapping paper tube, or several kitchen roll and toilet roll tubes.

Collect enough that will make it at least 70 cm long. Some are wider than others so try and get them roughly the same size. You can push each end slightly into another by just squeezing it a little and easing it in.

Didgeridoo cardboard

The next step is to get some paper, brown or white, stick some glue on each end and wrap it around the joins at the end of your tube so it holds it in place. Then let it dry.

Brown paper didgeridoo

No real didgeridoo is completely straight. They all have natural bends in them. You can make it look like that by inserting the ends at an angle before you stick the paper on. Like the picture below.

Didgeridoo bend

When your didgeridoo is dry you can paint it and decorate it with symbols. The Aboriginal people liked to decorate theirs with patterns and animals. How will you paint yours?

Painted didgeridoos  Painted didgeridoos 2

The final step is to cut off the end of a balloon, making it have two openings, and roll it onto the end of your didgeridoo. This just makes it a little more comfortable to blow into.

Didgeridoo end

And that’s it! Now you can create your own didgeridoo sounds!

You might want to make some other instruments too and create your own band. Click here for some more homemade instruments.

My favourites are the tissue box guitar, mini banjo and Pringle can drums! See if you’re able to communicate something by how you play them!

Tissue box guitar  Mini banjo  Pringle can drums 2


Tuesday 7th July

Good morning everyone! 

Today we’re going to be learning about different instruments from around the world. Have you ever heard of the didgeridoo, the harp or the agogô? Where do they come from?

 Didgeridoo HarpAgogo instrument

Watch this video and find out!

Wasn’t it wonderful to see that musical instruments from around the world are as different as the cultures and people they come from. One thing is the same though – we all love music, and even though we don’t all speak the same language we can express ourselves through music and still communicate! Isn't that amazing?! 

Did you learn some new instruments today? Which were your favourite?


Monday 6th July

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Thrive.

Here are the activities for this week if you are under 7, and here if you are under 11.

On this page we’re going to be thinking this week about how music makes us feel and how we can use it to communicate.

Did you know that music improves your brainpower?

Music helps in stimulating the part of the brain that is responsible for reading, math, and emotional development. It helps us develop social skills, learn how to work in a team, grow our self-belief and confidence, helps inspire creativity and makes us more patient. It also helps us to express ourselves and helps us become more disciplined. Isn't that amazing?! Did you know that music could do all of that?

 The brain

We’re going to start by thinking about music at St Philip’s.

Music is a big part of St Philip’s. We have a wonderful choir and we all sing songs during assembly. These songs are called worship and they are an expression of thanks to God. Mr Joy has been uploading some new songs for us to learn. Have a listen to this one and think about the song lyrics and what they mean. There are some pretty great dance moves too, have a go while you sing along!

Check out these children singing a song called The Blessing. They’re from churches all around the world and they created this song during lockdown to sing a blessing over our world and to help us remember that God is with us at all times.

I hope it is a blessing to you as you listen to it!

Friday 3rd July

Hello Everyone

Well done for all your work this week.

Hope you have a fun weekend, stay active, take time to notice nature while you are outside. If you have a pet spend time with them!


Be creative, how about drawing an underwater scene!


Stop, be Still and Listen.


Find a soft comfortable place, preferably away from distracting noise and listen to the story. You can shut your eyes if that helps.

A new way of seeing – Saul

Can you draw and make a comic strip of this story?

You may want to include;

Drawings of the characters, Saul, who changed his name to Paul and Ananias who helped Paul. There are Flashes of light, not seeing for two days – what an adventure!


Where ever I go,

Gods, never stopping,

Never giving up,


Always and forever love,

Will go too.


Thursday 2nd July

Morning everyone

Today you could have a try at making these fish?

You could use a cardboard toliet roll to make the mouth. Then flatten the tail part and add a piece of card to extend the tail.

Add eyes and finns then decorate!

Tube fish

This hanging mobile fish is a little harder, but have a go! 

Fish mobile

How about drawing these fish, they are great shapes.

Fish 1Fish drawing


Stop, be Still and Listen.

Child sleep

Find a soft comfortable place, preferably away from distracting noise and listen to the story. You can shut your eyes if that helps.


God sends help-

This part of the story takes place after Jesus had gone (ascended in a cloud) into heaven. The friends of Jesus were waiting for something new to happen, but they were not sure what exactly they were waiting for. It was very hard for them to understand, sometimes we don’t understand what God is doing and that is ok.

Where ever I go,

Gods, never stopping,

Never giving up,


Always and forever love,

Will go too.


Wednesday 1st July

Morning everyone

Today it is July, I love July because it is often sunny, it is my Birthday and we have holidays!

Do you have a favourite month?

Coral reef

I have been dreaming of swimming and being by the sea! I enjoy looking at this coral reef, isn’t it amazing!

Can you see how to make these fish, you will need some paper, any colour and some glue to stick the tail pieces together.

Start by folding the paper in half and cut into the first shape.

Then cut five slits for the tail.

Next begin folding over the tail pieces and stick with a blob of glue.

Paper 3d fish

Stop, be Still and Listen.


Find a soft comfortable place, preferably away from distracting noise and listen to the story. You can shut your eyes if that helps.

Gods wonderful surprise

Remember how Jesus had died!  All his friends were sad and missed him. In this story we hear what happens next, there are some angels and a wonderful surprise.

Do you like surprises?


Where ever I go,

Gods, never stopping,

Never giving up,


Always and forever love,

Will go too.


Tuesday 30th June

Hello everyone

How about having a go at making a little Shark today.

You will need a clothes peg and some cardboard to draw a Fish or shark.  How about making two or three! Make up your own fish characters and invent a story, then have a puppet show…

Clothes peg fish

Look at these Jelly fish they look amazing under the water!

Jelly fishMany jelly fish

Stop, be Still and Listen.

Child sleep

Find a soft comfortable place, preferably away from distracting noise and listen to the story. You can shut your eyes if that helps.



This pig reminds me of a story that Jesus told about a Dad who loved and loved his son even when he ran away.

What food did the son end up eating? Yuck!

When did the boy decide to go home?

Have you ever lost something you really loved and then found it again? How did you feel, when you lost it and then when you found it?

I think what we can understand from this story, is the Dad in this story was so so happy to have his son back. He started to dance with happiness!

Where ever I go,

Gods, never stopping,

Never giving up,


Always and forever love,

Will go too.


How about learning this phrase, its a bit like a rhyme.


Monday 29th June

Hello everyone

I hope you have had a good weekend? Did anyone have a water fight in the very hot weather last week?

Here are the Thrive activities, take time to have a peep, there are so many fun things to do.

Here for under 7 and here for under 11.

Under the sea

I love the colour of these fish !

Fish yellow

It’s easy to make these little fish below. You cut in a similar way to making snowflakes.

Have a go..Fold and cut.

Cutout fish

This week we will be hearing some stories from

The Jesus story book by Sally Lloyd-Jones

Stop, be Still and Listen.


Find a soft comfortable place, preferably away from distracting noise and listen to the story. You can shut your eyes if that helps.


Here is a beautiful story of a woman who had made some bad choices but once she met Jesus, he showed her he forgave her and she was so happy, it changed everything for her.

How did this woman thank Jesus?

Have you ever cried because you were sorry for something you did wrong, it shows your inside is soft in a good way. When we say sorry and mean it, we mend things and feel close to people again. It is the same with God.

Forest glade

This clip is a little poem from the bible, it is written to help us understand how to live in a world where things are not always how we would like them to be and when things are very hard.

 As you listen it shows us a bit of what God is like, this time he is like a Shepherd taking extra care of his sheep. 




Friday 26th June

Happy Friday everyone!

What lovely weather we've had this week, let's hope we get to enjoy it over the weekend too.

Today, I want us to use our creativity in the kitchen!

Have a look in your cupboard or your fridge – what could you make from the ingredients you see? Cooking is one of my favourite hobbies; it helps me to switch off from other things and it allows me to be creative with my taste buds and experiment with new flavours. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but the fun is in discovering something new, something that I’ve created!

Kids cooking 2

What could you make today that you haven’t made before? Mrs Philips shared some lovely recipes with us a few weeks ago, maybe you could try one of those if you need a little inspiration.

Here’s a fun idea, why don’t you and your family get dressed up and pretend you’re eating in a fancy restaurant this weekend. You could light some candles, put on some music, use the fancy plates - one of you could even be the waiter or waitress and serve your family the food you make! I'm sure you'd have lots of fun together!

Dinner party

There are also some really fun cooking shows on cbbc, you could watch one and be inspired to create your own dish! Click here to watch a really cool show called Matilda and the Ramsay bunch :)

Matilda 2

We hope you have a lovely time cooking and sharing meals together this weekend! 

See you back here next week for some more Thrive fun :)

Thursday 25th June

Good morning everyone!

Today, we want to do something called imaginative play. This means using your imagination, the creative part of our brain, to play and come up with new ideas.

We don’t need anything to use our imagination, just our brains.

Using our brains

Some examples of imaginative play are pretending to cook, clean, save the world, beat bad guys, host exceptionally dignified dinner parties, become the mayors of cities, slay dragons and extinguish fires. There is no limit to what you can do with your imagination!

You can use props too to act out the scenario, for example you could use a cardboard box to create a house, car or aeroplane or you could use a bed sheet and make a fort in your living room or in the garden. The weather is amazing today, so maybe you could have a picnic and imagine you’re at the beach by dipping your toes in some water. You could even have a water fight! The possibilities are endless!

Water fight Kitchen table fort  Cardboard aeroplane 

And the amazing thing about your imagination is that it is always with you, you can use it whenever you want to , so wherever you are you can use your imagination to have fun!

You don’t have to be little to be imaginative either, anyone can use their imaginations to create something!

Where will you go or what will you do with your imagination today?

Rocket imaginative play 2

Wednesday 24th June

Good morning everyone! I hope you had fun yesterday making your own music!

Today, I want you to experiment with art, using your own ideas and art materials with an unknown outcome. This means not following any instructions on how to make something or what to make; it means choosing some paper, paint colours or colouring in pens, or some materials you like and starting to make something without knowing what it’s going to become.

This means that you don’t have to follow any rules – you are completely free to create whatever you like!

 Encouraging Self Expression Through Art

You’re completely free to express yourself and how you feel through your artwork. You might choose the colour yellow because it’s a warm,  bright colour and it makes you feel happy, or perhaps you’re not feeling so happy today so you might decide to use a dark blue. There are no rules, let the paint brush or the felt tip flow freely!

And once you’re done, value and appreciate your work – it came from your imagination and your creativity and it is a beautiful thing! :)

Paper and paint

Happy creating! 

Tuesday 23rd June

Hi everyone!

Today, we’re going to be thinking about making music.

Music is an amazing way of expressing ourselves; it can help us to feel calm and relaxed but it’s also a good way of getting out some frustrations too!

Maybe you could write a song this week about how you’re feeling, or about something that’s on your mind. You could even write a song about your favourite food! You could put some music to it, something really simple like a beat or rhythm.

If you play an instrument why not put down your music sheet, forget about following a piece of music and just see where the instrument takes you – play some notes, loudly or gently, long or short and see if you can come up with your own tune. It doesn’t have to be long, but it’ll be something that’s yours, something you’ve created.

If you don’t play a musical instrument (like me), see what you could use around the house to make music e.g. shoes, spoons, a frying pan, an elastic band, a glass, a spray bottle…you could use anything!

  Pan drumming Garden music

Here’s a video for some inspiration…

Gather some bits from around your house and see what you could create today!

And don’t forget, your voice is an instrument too and singing is something everyone can do!

Pets at home


Today, we are very lucky to introduce Clover! Clover is the pet mouse of Bethan, from Osprey class! He is almost 4 months old and is a lovely brown and white colour.

Clover escaping the maze 

Bethan built him this amazing maze, but he keeps trying to escape!

Clover 2

What an amazing pet to have!


Thank you for sharing him with us Bethan! :)

Monday 22nd June

Hi everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend. This week we’re going to be thinking about creativity and how we can use different creative activities to express ourselves. We have lots of fun activities for this week so make sure to check in every day for a new creative challenge!

You can also find other Thrive activities for this week, here and here.

Today, we’re going to start with dancing!

Dancing is a really great way to express how we feel, and no matter how we feel when we start dancing it’s guaranteed to make us feel better. Dancing is a form of exercise and it releases endorphins in your body making you feel happy and more relaxed. As well as getting your heart and lungs pumping, dancing is all about freeing up the body and allowing it to move, which is something we tend to do too little of these days.

Dancing 2

There are so many different styles of dancing, from hip hop to break dancing, ball room dancing, tap, ballet and free style…give some of them a go and discover which one you enjoy best!

The best thing about dancing is because it releases happy hormones into your body each time you do it, you will always have fun! It’s a really fun easy way to make you feel good.

Here’s some moves to get you started.

Dance routine

Why not learn the dance routine of your favourite song or even better make up your own dance routine to your favourite song!  

You could do this with your siblings and perform it to your family! Or get a friend involved and come up with some new moves together!


Happy dancing everyone! 

Friday 19th June

Horay its Friday

Hello Everyone!

Big pat on your back, you are amazing!

Yesterday when it was raining I made a junk model, I only used things from the recycling box and sellotape. I made a firefly that lights up with a solor garden light! because it was such a wet day I thought it would be best to only use plastic so it wouldn't go soggy! You could have a try this week end, use this weeks inspiration and make insects or moths of any variety.Glow worm 1

Glow bug 1Glow

Here is another firefly idea for you to make.

You will need some sort of light, a snap stick or battery tea light or I used a solar garden light.

Plastic bottle

Bits of plastic recycled waste for wings and eyes to decorate .

Glow bug


Time for a joke! 

1 What do insects learn at school?


2 Why was the centipede dropped from the insect football team?

He took too long to put his boots on.

3 What pillar doesn’t need holding up?

A caterpillar

4 Where would you put an injured insect?

In an antbulance

5 What’s the biggest moth in the world?

A mammoth

6 What did one firefly say to another?

Got to glow now.  (This is my favourite!)

7 What is the definition of a caterpillar

A worm in a fur coat!

Dragon fly with seedpod

Butterfly 4

Butterfly 2

Enjoy your weekend, take time to laugh and tell jokes and keep an eye out for interesting insects!

Thursday 18th June

Hello everyone!

I hope you are well today and busy enough with school work and keeping active each day! You are amazing, well done!

Did you hear the Thunder and see the lightening last night? It was amazing wasn't it! Guess what, I was out walking Isla as the storm began! We managed to get home before we got too wet but it was so dramatic. Do you like storms? 

Today I thought you might like to play a game. You roll the dice and act like an insect! Does it sound Silly? Yes maybe! but I am sure it will make you smile! Try it with someone in your family. You can make your own dice by printing the template below and writing/ drawing your insects on each side.

Or simply use a dice

1..Buzz like a bee

2  March like an ant

3  Flutter like a butterfly

4  Climb like a spider

5  Scurry and hide like a cockroach

6  Fly like a ladybird

Act like an insect

Box template

How about playing a few more games with your sibling? 

These insect pictures have been made with newspaper and magazine paper, cut and stick to make your insect!

Have a go..

Collage bug

Insect craft

Here is a photo of beetles, I love the colours.

Insect 1


Wednesday 17th June

Good morning Everyone!

Here is a Challenge:

Have you been on a bug hunt recently? When you are out and about see how many insects you can see in 10 minutes? You will have to really look, under leaves and twigs.

Insect 3

Can you have a good search for these? It might take longer than 10 minutes!

Mini beast spotting


Here are some more arty creative bug ideas for you to try … these ones will just need coloured card or paper and pritt glue.

Draw the shapes first, then cut carefully before you stick together. Looking at the examples below can you see the insects are made up of just a few shapes or longer strips ..Have a go!

Filded bug

Little bugs

Insect 2


Insects illu



Tuesday 16th June

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to another week of Thrive, we’re so happy to see you! Here are some fun activities for this week if you are under 7, and here if you are under 11.

Happy Tuesday! Today how about making some collage insects?

You will need

Glue PVA or double sided tape


Fabric, old clothing will do.



Extra bits;

Ribbon, pipe cleaner, pompom, beads.

Cut the wing shape and body shape and stick together then build up the rest to make your unique insect…

Remember to have fun and enjoy yourself. You might even make a whole family and name them all!..

I wish I could see them all, how about you send an email with a photo to us, we would love that!

Bugs with buttons

Samples 1Samples 2

Art bugBug facts 1

Pets at home 


Isla is tired today because she had a very long walk. 

Isla 1Isla2



Monday 15th June

Hello everyone!


I hope you have had a good weekend and are ready for this week.

Some days are hard not being at school, you are doing so well. We are really proud of you..

We miss seeing each other and the things that we used to do each day.

I loved the mindfulness breathing pages from last week, remember to look back at those pages if you missed them. Sometimes I look back at the teachers pets just to make me smile… Can you remember Jaffa? He is so cute!

This week we will get insect arty! Don’t you love the design of these moths and beetles! How about designing you own beetles? Or printing and then colouring in one of these sheets.

Go wild, you can use any colours.


Beetles 1


Butterfly 3

Butterfly 1

Single bug

Butterfly colouring


Friday 12th June

Happy Friday everyone!

Today, I want to introduce you to the 54321 mindset. It’s all about using your senses to become even more aware of the present.

54321 Grounding

Here’s how it works:

Take a deep belly breath to begin.

5 - LOOK: Look around for 5 things that you can see, and say them out loud. For example, you could say, I see the computer, I see the cup, I see the picture frame.

4 - FEEL: Pay attention to your body and think of 4 things that you can feel, and say them out loud. For example, you could say, I feel my feet warm in my socks, I feel the hair on the back of my neck, or I feel the cushion I am sitting on.

3 - LISTEN: Listen for 3 sounds. It could be the sound of traffic outside, the sound of typing or the sound of your tummy rumbling. Say the three things out loud.

2 - SMELL: Say two things you can smell. If you can’t smell anything at the moment then name your 2 favourite smells.

1 - TASTE: Say one thing you can taste. It may be the toothpaste from brushing your teeth, or a mint from after lunch. If you can’t taste anything, then say your favourite thing to taste.

Take another deep belly breath to end.

Breathe deeply

Wow, we’ve learned a lot about mindfulness this week – you’re now masters of being mindful and tuning into your body and how you feel!

Any everyday act can be used to practice mindfulness. You and your grown up can be engaged in mindfulness in the midst of any ordinary activity, which, in essence, really makes it an extraordinary activity!

From walking outside and staring at the clouds, to shaking a glitter jar or tensing and relaxing muscles, there is no limit when it comes to practicing mindfulness.

You can even eat mindfully or read a book mindfully because any activity can be done with a mindful awareness.

The most important thing about mindfulness is being in the here and now - living your life and taking the time to enjoy the world around you!

If you have time this weekend you could make a dandelion light up mindful jar.

 Dandelion Wish Luminary Dandelion wish luminary 2 

You can use any jar and place a battery tealight in the bottom, then collect some dandelion puffs to place in your jar. You can use this as a reminder to do some dandelion breathing and even more special, use it as a night light and make some wishes!

Pets at home 


We have a new guest today - Kit the King cat!

Kit the King cat Kit the King cat 2

He belongs to Mrs Philip's neighbour and is a grogeous white and cream colour. What colour is your pet? We'd love to see them - send us a picture to 

Thursday 11th June

Good morning everyone!

I hope you all had a great night sleep after doing your body scan. Maybe you could start today the same way and do this quick 3 minute body check in.

3 minute body scan meditation

Today, I want us to be aware of our surroundings. Life can be very busy and we can become so easily distracted that we sometimes forget to slow down and notice the things around us. I’m guilty of this - I had been so distracted by stuff inside my house that I forgot to notice the things happening outside, in my garden. So, I went outside and walked around and this is what I discovered…

 Yellow rose Hidden red rose

My yellow rose bush has flowered and there was a single red rose hidden behind some foliage! It made me very happy to discover them. I wonder if you could get outside today and notice what’s around you? Look extra carefully to discover something that you haven’t seen before and use your senses to take things in.

You could lie down on your back and look up at the sky. What can you see? Can you make any shapes out of the clouds?

Running man cloud Bunny cloud Dog cloud

You could also try this cloud flying activity and imagine yourself floating on it, feeling completely relaxed and happy!

Cloud flying

Pets at home


Have a look to see what Felix has been up to today…

Wednesday 10th June

Good morning everyone!

I hope you enjoyed making your mindful jar. Today we’re going to focus on being aware of how our body feels. Sometimes it’s really good to press pause and check in with how our body is feeling. This is called a body scan.

Here’s how to do it (you might want to get your grown up to guide you through it or watch the video at the bottom):

1) Lie down on your back. Let your legs and your arms relax and fall to the sides. Settle yourself in a comfortable position and close your eyes.

 Body scan

2) Start by taking two or three gentle, large breaths. Pay attention to how that feels. Your belly rises and falls. Air moves in and out of your body. If you like, place a hand on your belly and feel it move with each breath.

3) Now we’re going to pay attention to the other parts of the body. Start with your feet. They might feel warm or cold, wet or dry, relaxed or restless. It’s also okay if you feel nothing at all. If you can, relax your feet now. If that’s hard to do, that’s fine. Take a moment and notice how that feels too.

4) For these few minutes, let yourself be still. There’s nothing to do. Pay attention as best you can. You might feel a blanket or socks on your feet, or you might feel them pressing against the bed or the floor. When your mind gets busy, gently bring your attention back to your feet again.

Happy feet

5) Now move your attention to your lower legs. Do they feel heavy, light, warm, cold, or something else? Let go of frustration and trying to do anything. Just do your best and give yourself a few moments of rest.

Next, move your attention next to your knees and relax them. Feel the front, back, and sides of your knees.

6) After a few more breaths, move your attention to your upper legs. Notice your legs and let them relax. If you feel restless or wiggly, that’s okay too. That happens.

7) Now move your attention to your belly. It always moves when you breathe, rising and falling, like waves on the sea. You might feel something on the inside, like full or hungry. You might even feel emotions in your belly, like happy or sad or upset.

If you feel that it’s hard to focus, that’s normal. Gently practice coming back again and again to how your chest feels when you breathe.

8) Next, bring your attention to your chest. Notice it rising and falling as you breathe. Gently practice coming back again and again to how your chest feels when you breathe.

9) Now turn your attention to your hands. There is no need to move them or do anything with them. Relax them if you can, and if not, simply paying attention to your hands for another moment.


10) Move your attention up into your arms. Maybe notice if you can find a moment of stillness inside you, like the pause at the end of each breath.

11) Next, move your attention around to your back. How does it feel against the chair or the floor? Notice how it rocks with each breath. When your mind gets busy or angry or scared, you can always come back to how your body feels in this way for a moment.

12) Now move attention to your neck and shoulders, letting go and relaxing them. If your mind wanders, that’s fine. No one can pay attention all the time. Just keep returning to noticing your body whenever you find yourself thinking of something else.

13) And now feel your face and head. What expression do you have right now? What would it feel like to smile? What else do you notice in your face, your head, and in your mind?

Children smiling

14) Finally, spend a few moments, paying attention to your whole body. If it is easier, continue to pay attention to your breath. If it’s time for sleep, let that happen, remaining still and continuing to pay attention to your breath or feelings in your body. And if it’s time to wake up, open your eyes and sit for a few moments before deciding when to move again.

Sometimes it can be tricky to focus doing this and it can help have someone guide you through it – maybe you could do it with your grown up? They could read it to you or you could do this video together!

Enjoy spending some time resting today and letting your body relax!

Pets at home


This is Felix after a hard day, there’s nothing he likes better than sleeping on a lap!

Felix after a hard day picture

I wonder if your pet likes curling up in your lap too? Felix looks very happy! 

Tuesday 9th June

Good morning everyone!

Here is a cool picture to help us understand even more about what being mindful looks like.

A to z of mindfulness 1

One thing that being mindful helps us to do is to notice how we’re feeling. Sometimes we can feel lots of different emotions at once; sometimes this can be hard to make sense of and it can feel overwhelming. I wonder if you’ve ever felt like Riley from Inside Out, with lots of emotions in her head? I know I have!

Inside out emotions in head

When we feel like this, taking a moment to be still, resting your mind and doing some breathing can be really helpful.

Making a mindful jar or a calming bottle is also really helpful too.

Rainbow calming jars

This activity shows us how strong emotions can take hold, and how to find peace when these strong emotions feel overwhelming.

To make one here’s what you need to do:

First, get a clear jar or bottle and fill it almost all the way with water. Next, add a big spoonful of glitter glue or glue and dry glitter to the jar. Put the lid back on the jar and shake it to make the glitter swirl.

Shaking glitter jar

Imagine that the glitter is like your thoughts when you’re stressed, mad or upset. See how they whirl around and make it really hard to see clearly? That’s why it’s so easy to make silly decisions when we’re upset – because we’re not thinking clearly. Don’t worry this is normal and it happens in all of us, grownups too!

Now watch what happens when you’re still for a couple of moments. Keep watching. See how the glitter starts to settle and the water clears? Your mind works the same way. When you’re calm for a little while, your thoughts start to settle and you start to see things much clearer. Deep breaths during this calming process can help us settle when we feel a lot of emotions.

Glitter jars

This exercise not only helps us learn about how our emotions can cloud our thoughts, but it also helps us to practice mindfulness while focusing on the swirling glitter in the jar.

Try doing this today and notice how it makes you feel!

Pets at home


This week in 'Pets at home' we're going to find out a bit more about Felix, Mrs Philip's cat! 

Felix loves to eat! I wonder how many times a day you have to feed your pet?

Monday 8th June

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to another week of Thrive, we’re so happy to see you! Here are some fun activities for this week if you are under 7, and here if you are under 11.

This week we’re going to be looking at mindfulness and in particular how our breathing helps us to feel happy and calm.

Rainbow breath

Have you heard the word mindfulness before? Mindfulness means paying full attention to something. It means slowing down to really notice what you’re doing, feeling and thinking. Being mindful is the opposite of rushing or multitasking. When you’re mindful, you’re taking your time. You’re focusing in a relaxed, easy way. You’re using your senses to be aware of what is around you and how you are feeling about it.

Sometimes we might feel worried or anxious, sad or angry and we might not know why. Being mindful helps us to realise how we’re feeling and then helps us to let go of those thoughts and feelings that are upsetting us. It also really helps us to appreciate the present and helps us to feel happier and calmer.

One of the best ways to help us to be mindful is by using our breath. Breathing is something we all do, every second of the day, and we don’t have to think about it – our body does it automatically!

Blowing bubbles

So how does breathing work?

When you are calm, your body is in what is known as “rest and digest” mode. Your breathing is normal, your muscles are relaxed, and your heart rate is normal. It's how you would be when you’re watching a TV show and relaxing. When you experience a stressful event (like an unexpected dinosaur in your living room!), your body automatically goes into what is known as “flight, fight or freeze” mode. Your heart rate increases, your stomach stops digestion, and your breathing becomes more shallow.

Mindfulness and deep breathing help to get yourself from “flight, fight or freeze” mode back to “rest and digest” mode. Deep breathing helps get more oxygen into your bloodstream and has a physical effect on your body to help you calm down and feel better.

Deep breathing makes a big difference for us all, children and grown ups too! But how do we do it?

Here is a video explaining some more about deep breathing and how we can practise it.

I wonder which breathing technique is your favourite? One of my favourites is using a pinwheel.

Why not make your own pinwheel to help you practise your breathing. Here are some instructions on how to do it and a template that you can cut out, colour in and use to make your very own pinwheel!

Pinwheel breathing 2

Use your pinwheel to practise some deep breathing today and notice how it makes you feel!



Friday 5th June


Hello everyone!

Well done you made it to Friday! Give yourself a big pat on the back.

How did you get along with the Super Kid Workout?

Children exercise

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think”



Drawing exercise

Can you spend some time drawing these birds today?

Drawing is an amazing way to really notice the differences, the shape, size, colour, so really look hard and then have a go! 





My Favourite Friday Flapjack Recipe

Flap jacks


  1. 250g porridge oats
  2. 125g butter or margarine
  3. 125g brown sugar
  4. 2-3 tablespoons golden syrup


  1. Heat the oven 200c.
  2. Put the oats, butter, sugar and syrup into a mixing bowl and combine together with a large spoon.
  3. Grease a baking tray 20cm x 20cm and spoon the mixture in and press down with the back of a spoon.
  4. Bake for about 15 minutes until golden brown.


Pets at home


Isla is back, here she is having a lovely rest after a very active week. I hope you have a great weekend and rest after all your hard work.

Isla sleeping 2

Thursday 4th June

Good morning everyone,

Keep stretching-keep moving, just keep going.. Your body will love It!

workouts at home

Pasta Salad Recipe

Pasta salad 2


  1. 100g Pasta
  2. ½ Pepper red, green or yellow
  3. 1-2 tbsp mayonnaise
  4. Small tin of sweetcorn
  5. Optional extras: tomato, cucumber, frozen peas, herbs, cheese or spring onion.


  1. Boil the pasta in a pan for 10 minutes.
  2. Drain the water into the sink using a sieve and rinse the pasta with cold water.
  3. Slice the pepper and drain the water from the sweetcorn
  4. When the pasta is cool add the mayonnaise and stir in the pepper and sweetcorn.


This week I went for a walk to a wood, the sun shone through the canopy of trees, it was a really interesting place. I wonder if you could do this scavanger hunt the next time you go to a wood?

Mells 1

Scavanger hunt 1Mells 2


Pets at home


Here is one of Isla's friends at the river, he is a Golden Retriever dog and loves swimming.



 Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning everyone!

What amazing sunshine we are having! And How Amazing YOU are!

We’re back this week with more activities here, if you are under 7, and here, if you are under 11.

Today could you go for a run? Give yourself a challenge that you would be proud of.

Kids running

Can you recognize these trees?

Two of them are in the school playground, can you remember which two?

British trees

Tasty Bread Rolls Recipe

Bread rolls

Here is a recipe for making bread rolls…


  • 500g strong white bread flour, plus extra for dusting
  • 7g sachet fast action yeast
  • 1 tsp white caster sugar
  • 2 tsp fine salt
  • 1 tsp sunflower oil


Tip the flour into the bowl and mix the other ingredients together and then add 325mls warm water. Combine and form a dough, use more flour if it is very sticky. 

Kneed the dough for 10 mins.

Leave the dough to rise for an hour in a bowl covered with a clean Tea towel.

Take the risen dough onto a floured board and make 12 rolls. Put the rolls on a floured baking tray and leave for 45 mins or until risen.

Cook for 25-30 mins at 220 C.



Pets at Home



Let's see what the piglets are upto today...

Tuesday 2nd June

Good morning everyone,

Keep going with the Super Kid Workout that we put up yesterday or Jo Wicks.


This morning could you go outside and have a little bug hunt… How many different insects can you find?


Garden insect

I love this Nature treasure box…how about making one this week with the different special things you find.

Egg box treasure box 2

Well done for all your hard work!

These milkshakes look tasty! How about seeing if you could make your own special drink recipe with things you might have at home? Ask your grown-ups to help you with ideas and how to blend it together.

Here are some ideas;

Banana and milk with a spoon of chocolate powder.

Kiwi, fresh mint and apple juice.

Strawberry and plain yoghurt.





Monday 1st June


Hello Everyone

Welcome back to Thrive. I hope you have enjoyed a good break from school. We would love to hear your news, something you have done or seen recently, send us a photo. We miss you and your smiling faces! Send us a message to

This week’s theme is, Keep Moving.This week we will be remembering how important it is that we all get plenty of sunshine and exercise to keep our bodies and minds in top notch health. The main thing is that you try something new and you have fun! There will also be cooking recipes to try each day. We know that Mums sometimes don’t have the ingredients or it is difficult to buy them, so please dont worry because there are always other things to do instead.

Here is a little 10 minute exercise routine, each exercise is 1 minute or 30 seconds. How about trying it each day and see if you can do it all!

Kids workout

Here is a recipe for playdough, can you remember how relaxing it is to play with! It’s also pretty easy to make so why not have a go. And this isn’t just ordinary playdough, you can add your own personal colour or scent!

Best Ever No-cook Play Dough Recipe

  1. 2 cups plain flour
  2. 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  3. ½ cup of salt
  4. 2 tablespoons cream of tartar
  5. 1 to 1.5 cups boiling water
  6. 1/2 teaspoon Food colouring/paint or natural colouring; 2 teaspoons turmeric powder or see photo below for more ideas.
  7. Scent: lemon or orange zest, lavender oil, rosemary leaves or Fresh mint

Combine all the ingredients and slowly add the hot water until it forms a soft ball. Work the play dough together with your hands until it is smooth. Leave it to cool. Store in a plastic bag or container.


PlaydoughNatural playdough

Lets go outside

What can you find outside in nature today?

Can you make a brilliant drawing of the things you find?

Pets at home



Look what I saw at the farm, a pile of piglets asleep in the sunshine, aren't they sweet!

Sleeping piglets

Friday 22nd May

Good morning everyone,

You made it through another half term! Wow, didn’t it go quickly?!

Each week we have gone out to clap our key workers for the amazing things they have done during this time. Today, as a school, we want to applaud you and thank you for being superheroes during this time!

Superhero kids

You have been so brave and courageous and have acted like superheroes by doing your best with your school work, showing amazing resilience and staying home to help protect people even though it’s really hard not seeing your friends and family. We are so proud of you and so thankful to know you, superheroes!

St Philip's kids really are the best kids ever!

Kid President thinks you’re a hero too - Have a watch and be reminded of just how amazing you are!

We hope you have a wonderful and restful half term. Here are some ideas of fun things you could make over the break:

  • Salt dough handprints

Family salt dough handprints

Click here to see how to make them.

  • Brag Bracelets

 Brag bracelet 3 Brag bracelets 2

And don't forget you have the Thrive activities pages that we posted at the beginning of the week, there's loads of fun stuff on there too :)

Pets at home


Today we want to introduce you to Mrs Frayling’s kitten, Lottie.


Lottie is a Ragdoll kitten with black and white fur and piercing blue eyes! She is a very cuddly cat and loves to sit on Mrs Frayling’s knees and purrs when she strokes her. Some of you might have met her when Mrs Frayling brought her to Robin class last year. She loves any sort of cat food such as dry granules or wet food in pouches. Mrs Frayling is completely smitten with her and loves her very much!

We hope you've enjoyed getting to see some staff pets, we've loved showing them to you! Have a lovely week off with your pets everyone :)

Thursday 21st May

Good morning everyone!

I wonder if we all started today in the same way…we got up, went to the bathroom and saw ourselves in the mirror.

What did you see when you looked in the mirror?

Wonderfully made boy Wonderfully made girl

I wonder what you feel, think or believe about yourself when you look at your reflection?

Like the boy and girl in the picture did you think ‘I am wonderful’?

Do you know that you are a masterpiece? A complete work of art!

You are talented, brilliant, beautiful and so special.

I am enough

Sometimes we need to be reminded of these things! Try writing these words and other positive words that you think about yourself on stars or badges and sticking them to your mirror, or somewhere you will see them, to remind yourself how awesome you are whenever you look at yourself!

It’ll be a daily reminder of just how amazing you are.

 Post it notes I am strong badge

Pets at home


Today we want to introduce you to Mrs Durrant's dog, Millie!


Millie is 2 1/2 years old. She is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, who loves eating carrots - she can hear Mrs Durrant open the veg drawer when she’s making tea and sits by her feet whilst she chops them til she gets a bit of one! At the moment they are having lots of lovely long walks (usually around 3 miles!) around Bath. 

Have you been taking your pet on a walk? I’m sure they’d love being out in this weather too! :)

Wednesday 20th May

Hi everyone,

Today I want you to find out a bit more about yourself!

We can have lots of things in common with our friends and family and can be very alike, but we all have different personalities and different things that we love that are unique to us. We might have different values, beliefs, dreams and hopes and that is good. But It’s important that you know what yours are and that you can respect what matters to you.

So, today I want to challenge you to think about what matters to you and what your hopes and dreams are.

Here’s an example of what you could recreate to help you figure out what’s important to you.

Get to know yourself

You could also try filling out these ‘all about me’ pages, here and here.

All of these things make you you, and we’re so glad you’re you!

The Sesame Street gang think so too!

See if you can learn something about yourself this week that you didn’t know before and be glad that you’re you!

Pets at home


Today, we want to introduce you to Mrs Unsworth White’s cat.


She’s called Winnie and is 4 years old. Mrs White’s daughter found her as a stray and then gave her to Mrs White when she went off travelling to India. Mrs White says they love her very much and would never give her up now. She loves cuddles and playing with her mouse toy. The only flavour cat food she will eat is tuna with sweet potato!!!

She looks like a very content cat, who knows exactly what she likes :)

Did you find out which animals have fingerprints?

**Drum roll please**

It’s the Koala, Chimpanzee and Gorilla!  

This is because, like humans, they grasp things! What a fun fact to know!

Tuesday 19th May 

Hi everyone!

Today we want to think a bit more about our uniqueness.

Did you know that no one else in the world has the same fingerprint as you? Even if you’re a twin, you share the same DNA but you have different fingerprints!

That makes you pretty unique!

 Fingerprints 2

Here are some other cool facts about fingerprints:

  • Human fingers have small structures on them (like mountains and valleys). These structures are unique in every human and can be used as a way of identifying you.
  • No two fingerprints are exactly alike and they don’t change over time.
  • The ridges in the shape of loops and spirals that you see on your fingertips and thumbs actually help you to grasp an object. Without them, you would not be able to write or paint properly.
  • Our fingers have sweat glands that ooze some oils and salt through tiny pores on the finger surface. This sticky film of sweat and oil trapped in the ridges leaves behind a print when we touch anything.
  • These ridges on your fingers start forming when you are still inside your Mum’s tummy!

The ridges on most people’s fingers resemble a whorl, loop, or an arch. What do yours look like?

Have a look at your fingers and check out your unique fingerprint!

You could make some art using your fingerprints, like the pictures below, by putting your fingertip in some paint then pressing it onto some paper. You could make all sorts of designs using your fingerprints! Maybe you could make a family tree and compare your different fingerprint shapes!

Fingerprint tree Fingerprint hot air balloonThumbprint art

Extra cool fact: Just like fingerprints, our retinal (eye) print and tongue prints are also unique too!

Pets at home


Today we want to introduce you to Mrs Kay’s guinea pigs! They are the largest of the guinea pig family – the Teddy Bear breed! Koda (with the black and brown fur) needs a hand feeding as he lost a tooth. Yoki, his brother (with the white and brown fur), just eats for England! They’re nearly 6 years old.

Koda and Yoki Koda and yoki 2

They look like lovely pets! Do any of you have guinea pigs? What breed are they? I’d love to hear all about them! Remember you can email us at the Thrive address with pictures of your pets and any of the activities you’ve been doing at home!

Did you know that there are only 3 animals known to have fingerprints - can you find out what they are? Check back here tomorrow to see if you're right! 

Monday 18th May 2020

Happy Monday everyone!

We’re back this week with more activities here, if you are under 7, and here, if you are under 11.

This week we want to celebrate you and how wonderful and unique you are!

Did you know that there are over 7 billion people in the world? And there is only one of you! There is no one else like you – you are individual, unique and so special!

Youre amazing just the way you are

The Bible says ‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made’, Psalm 139 v 14.

God chose everything about you – your hair colour, your eye colour, your height, how many freckles you have, your smile...He made you you and he stood back and said ‘Wow, what a creation - they are so beautiful’.

We are all different, but each of us has something that makes us special.

We think you are awesome and we want to celebrate how special you are, and to help you see yourself that way too!

I wonder what makes you you? What do you love about yourself? What makes you different from everyone else? It might be your hair, your freckles, your glasses, your kind heart or your silliness – it could be anything!

It’s important that we recognise these things and celebrate them. So, let’s start today by making a list of the things that you love about yourself!

It’s really important to be kind to ourselves and say nice things about ourselves, so give yourself lots of compliments today!

You could ask your friends and family what they find special about you too and add them to your list. Maybe you could give them a compliment too!

Pets at home


Today, we want to introduce you to Wilson, Mrs Stock's Sprocker Spaniel! Wilson is 3 years old and loves being with people. He is happiest running through fields and woods. His favourite toy is his green ring, but he also loves any type of ball! Wilson loves meal times too and his favourite meal is chicken, broccoli and rice.

Wilson  Muddy wilson

Wilson’s other favourite pastime is getting as wet and muddy as possible! Mrs Stock thinks he could find mud in a desert! He looks like he's having a lot of fun!

And here is Wilson with his favourite toy! :)

Wilson and his favourite toy

Does your pet have a favourite toy? Do they like to play in the mud too? We'd love to hear about them - send us an email at to tell us some more! 

 Friday 15th May

 Hello Everyone

Some children have been busy this week making a playmobile treehouse in their garden for everyone to enjoy and they made a kind sign on the top saying; " Thank you NHS".

Playmobile treehousePlsymobile treehouse 1

   It is Friday and today is, “Be Kind to yourself day”! You have been practicing kindness and

   Today you are to be kind to YOU!

   Here are some ideas....

  *   Can you do something you really enjoy today?

   *   Could you write yourself an encouraging note and put it next to your bed?    

   *   Can you draw a picture of a happy memory?

  *   And if you are struggling with anything, perhaps school learning, you could say something positive and kind to yourself, for example;

           “Keep Going, I am working really well, even though I am finding it so difficult”.

           "I will do my best"


  *    Can you listen to a favourite song and dance along!

Kindness 3

Pets at home


Here is a little clip of Felix it looks like he is moving to the music! Have you done your workout today?


  Today we have a little white adorable cat! Thank you, Mrs Childs-Evans for sharing your pet photo.


This is Hugo, one of my cats. He is deaf, white cats often are, and full of mischief. Once he got out and got under my car and I drove him all the way to work without knowing. He spent the whole day in St Philip’s car park and I only realised when I went to go home and heard him miaowing!


  Thursday 14th May   





     Hello everyone

     Today is the day when everyone claps the Nurses and Doctors who having been looking

     after the people who are unwell with the Coronavirus. I expect they feel really pleased and happy to  

     know we all appreciate their difficult work.


  •  Could you be kind to an elderly neighbour who is not able to go outside or someone who is


    Perhaps you could draw them a picture or write them a note. Ask the adults at home to help you.

Kindness 2

Pets at home


Mr Richmond has a very relaxed cat, look at her today.


Here is Billie.  She is less than a year old.  She came from the Bath Cats and Dogs Home.  She had a sad start in life because she was found abandoned in an empty house, but now she is a very happy cat.  She enjoys chasing bees, hiding under blankets, scratching furniture, climbing higher than seems sensible and sleeping in the sun.  She is the star of the Owl Remote Learning Page and features everyday in a variety of helpful ways!


Wednesday 13th May


Good morning everyone,

Here is a little cheerful clip of some lambs I met on a walk recently. Isla had to stay on a lead because she wanted to play with them! I hope you can get out side to have a play or a walk today. 

Have you noticed there are times you can choose to be kind?

It does take practice!

          Today is Wednesday and it's challenge day! Today is,

          “Kindness to your sibling’s day".               

           Isn’t it great when you get on really well; laughing and playing together, so lets 

           be really kind to your brothers and sisters today. Remember we can be kind

           even if we fall out.  

          Kindness Challenge

  1. How about asking a younger brother or sister if they would like to play a game with you and let them choose what it is?
  2. Could you give an older brother or sister a compliment?
  3.  How about doing this scavenger hunt and seeing if one of your siblings wants to join the hunt!

Kindness scavenger hunt

Pets at home


Today Mrs Ball has sent in these fantastic photos of her dog, looks like he is having fun!

Jackson 1  Jackson 3 Jackson 2Jackson 4

This is Jackson he is nearly 2 years old. He is a shihpoo which is a cross between a shihtzu and a poodle.

He loves to run around in the woods and here he is lying in some wild garlic and then playing in the stream. He also loves to chew on a yaks milk stick.


   Tuesday 12th May     

Hello everyone!

Today let us think a little more about kindness, let’s look for opportunities to show kindness to the people we live with. How about Mum or Nanna? How about really choosing to be kind to them today.

Could you use words to show them that you appreciate all the hard work they do each day for you. Sometimes they are busy working and often they are doing things to help you.

Here are a few ideas but I am sure you will have your own.

                    Kindness activities


I’m sure you will be great at being Kind today!

Pets at home



Mrs Morris has let us see her beautiful cats today. Don’t they look sweet cuddled together!


 Smudge and tiggy 3Smudge and tiggy 2


These are my cats Smudge and Tiggy. Smudge is 12 years old and Tiggy is 10, they are also related, uncle and nephew. They are both lap cats and are very affectionate and love to be stroked. They enjoy running around the garden together and especially enjoy the odd cat treat. Tiggy only has three legs but that doesn’t stop him chasing Smudge and jumping over the fence.



Monday 11th May

Hello everyone!

I hope you are well and have had some fun at the weekend.

Each week there are new fun Thrive activities for you to do at home. To download the activities for this week, here are those for under 7 and here for those under 11.

This week we will be thinking about kindness…                                                                                  

Have a little think, who recently has been kind to you? How did it make you feel when they were kind to you?

Maybe there is a person who is often kind to you and just being around them makes you feel really good, maybe your friend, aunty or a teacher. Maybe, the kindness was from somebody unexpected or someone you don’t even know; like someone in a shop who smiled at you or helped you. We all love it when someone is kind to us, we love it because it makes us feel special and valuable. It makes us feel noticed and appreciated and that is why kindness is SO important.

Today can you be thankful for the kind people around you and the kindness many people show you.


Kindness 1

Pets at home


Today Mrs Favager has sent us some photos of her puppy with Mum and Dad, they look like they are all having fun on the trampoline.

Meet Ace. 

Ace Ace dad Ace mum

Ace is a 4 month old, super fluffy Chihuahua. 

Ace lives with his mum Snowy and dad Milo.

Ace loves to eat puppy biscuits, apples and carrots. 

Ace loves cuddles and playing tug of war with his mum and dad.


Thursday 7th April

Good morning everyone!

Yesterday I wrote some cards to people that I’m thankful for. Here I am at the post box sending them. It brought me a lot of joy!

Postbox picture

I wonder who you’ll send yours to?

We’ve had a lot of things to be thankful for this week and today we have another one – tomorrow is the start of a Bank Holiday weekend which means we have an extra day off. With our extra free time this weekend I wonder if we could go on a thankfulness walk?

The aim of the thankfulness walk is to observe the things around you as you walk. Take it all in. Be aware of nature, the colours of the trees, the sounds the birds make, and the smell of the plants.

Last week Mrs Philips encouraged us to use our senses to be aware of the nature around us. Let’s use them again and be thankful for the things we can see and touch and smell all around us.

Try doing this walk with your family and together noticing the things you are thankful for that are around you.

You could even turn it into a colour walk, noticing and collecting things from nature that are different colours and making them into a collage, like the picture below.

Colour hunt

Pets at home


Today, Mrs Lye would like to introduce you to her dogs.

Dolly and dexter

Dolly, her beautiful, gentle young lady of seven years, loves a cuddle and to laze around in the sunshine (hence the sunglasses).  Her favourite place is sitting on Mrs Lye’s lounge window sill.  Some of you might have noticed her on your way to school? 

Dexter, who is awaiting his second birthday in June, is a very energetic, playful poodle, who has recently taken to singing! What a clever dog.  They both enjoy being groomed and have recently allowed Mrs Lye to trim their coats, nails and eyelashes. 

Their lengthy, daily walks have taken them all around Odd Down, but their favourite place is ODSG, where they get to have a little run off lead and explore.

Where do you like to take your pets on a walk? Why not take them with you on your thankful walk this weekend!

Thank you for another lovely week of Thrive everyone! We’ve thought about all of the things that we are thankful for, we realised that being thankful makes us joyful, we made a thankful tree, we wrote letters to people to tell them that we are thankful for them and now we have our thankful nature walk to look forward to over the weekend :)

We were also introduced to some staff pets this week! Aren't they wonderful?! I hope you enjoyed meeting them all!

And finally, let’s end the week with a song about being thankful. I bet you’ll be singing it all weekend!

Wednesday 6th May

Hello again! 

How are you feeling today? I started my day by picking out a message from my joy jar. It helped me to start today with a smile and made me thankful for another new day! I wonder if you were able to do the same?


Have you noticed that you feel happier when you are thankful? This is because you are recognising all of the people and good things you have in your life, and you can’t help but feel joyful about them! A thankful heart makes a happy heart :)

Today I wanted us to focus on who we are thankful for. It’s really important to say thank you to the people we are grateful for as it makes them feel appreciated and special. Notice how you feel the next time someone says thank you to you for something you have done for them.

So, I wonder if today you could write a thank you letter to someone you are particularly grateful for. Or maybe you could draw them a picture?

Think about someone who has had a big impact on you, someone who you would like to thank, or someone you appreciate having in your life. It could be your Mum or Dad, a grandparent, teacher, neighbour, sports coach, or anyone else who you would like to say thank you to.

You could send it to them in the post or drop it through their door if they live near you. They will love receiving it and you will make them feel very special!

Happy writing everyone!

Thank you post

Pets at home


Today we would like to introduce you to Miss Ashby's rabbits, Biscuit and Pebbles! They're so cute and fluffy!

Biscuit and pebbles 2

Hawk class already know Biscuit and Pebbles very well, but I'm sure they'd like to know a bit more about them too!

Biscuit is a boy and Pebbles is a girl. Biscuit is the same colour as a digestive biscuit and Pebbles is grey like a pebble. They are brother and sister and they are 10 months old. They live as house rabbits in a large enclosure in Miss Ashby's kitchen and every day they like to run around the kitchen and up and down the stairs.

Biscuit and pebbles Biscuit and pebbles 3

They like to eat hay, parsley, carrot and pear. They also like to eat Miss Ashby's skirting boards, her curtains, her rugs and the carpet! Poor Miss Ashby!

I wonder what your pet likes to eat? Have they been eating things they shouldn't like Biscuit and Pebbles? 

Tuesday 5th May

Good morning everyone!

How did you get on with writing your thankful list yesterday? Mine included a lot of food items! I wonder what you wrote on yours…did you write chocolate too?

Today we’re going to make a craft together. It’s called a Thankful Tree.

 Thankful tree  Thankful tree close up

You will need: twigs and small branches, a vase, scrapbook paper, scissors, some string or ribbon, a hole punch or some sticky tape, colouring pens.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Gather some twigs and branches from your garden or on your next walk and place them in your vase.
  2. Cut out some shapes from your scrap paper. You could make circles like the picture above, or you could cut out some leaves or hearts – anything you like!
  3. Then cut your twine, string, or ribbon, fold it in half and stick it to the back of your shapes. Another option is to punch a hole in your shape and place them on the twig without any string.
  4. Write the things you are thankful for on your shapes.
  5. Hang them on your tree!

Why don’t you place some shapes next to your Thankful Tree with a pen or pencil and let your family write what they are thankful for and hang it on the tree. When you look at it you will all be reminded of the things you are thankful for as a family at this time. Remember, it can be absolutely anything – big or small.

We’d love to see pictures of your Thankful Tree. You can email them to me at the Thrive email address.

Pets at home


Today we’d like to introduce you to Mrs Sinclair’s cats - JoJo, on the left, and Cath on the right.

Jojo and cath

They are sisters and they look very different but they both have 1 ginger ear! JoJo is named after Mrs Coppens because Mrs Sinclair’s daughter was in her class when they got them! They will be 16 this month. JoJo is very playful and likes to chase Mrs Sinclair and her daughter around the garden. Cath is a little bit lazy and really just likes to nap in a sunny spot!

I wonder what your pet is like? Are they energetic like JoJo or do they like to sleep a lot like Cath?

Monday 4th May

Good morning everyone!

I hope you had a lovely weekend.

We’re back this week with more activities here, if you are under 7, and here if you are under 11. There are some amazing ideas of fun things to do with your family, have a look and see what you could get up to. I particularly like the ‘I’m being silly’ game suggestion – see who you could make laugh first!

Our theme this week is...THANKFULNESS!

Be thankful

In school we have lots of verses from the Bible on our walls, do you remember any of them? I’m going to share another one with you and it’s all about being thankful. It says:

Thankful verse

This verse doesn’t say we have to be thankful for what is currently happening, but it does say we can be thankful in it. We understand that lots of things are hard right now, but there are still lots of things to be thankful for and those are good things to think about.

We can be thankful for more time with our family, getting to chat to our friends on zoom, the weather, playing with our brothers and sisters, a comfy sofa, singing, chocolate, ice cream…the list goes on! You can be thankful for anything!

Being thankful shapes our attitudes and gives us a better outlook on life. It helps us to be more positive.

Kid President has made a video of all the things he is thankful for. Have a watch, it’ll make you smile, and you’ll see that you can be thankful for absolutely anything!

I’m inspired to write my own list! I wonder if you could write a list of 3 things that you’re thankful for today, or maybe you could write 25 things like Kid President?!

Once you start, you’ll see that there are so many reasons to be thankful!

Pets at home


We're back this week with more of our pets from home.

Today we want to introduce you to Mrs Murray-Playfair's pets, Alfie and Mabel!

Alfie and mabel

Alfie, the dog, is French but understands English! Mrs Murray-Playfair got him from a rescue centre when she lived in France. He’s about 7 years old, loves to cuddle and play with the chickens!

Mabel, the chicken, is 3 years old and lays pretty blue eggs. Mrs Murray-Playfair says Mabel limps and looks like a dinosaur when she runs!

Alfie and Mabel look like they're chatting to each other in the picture - I wonder what they're saying? I think Alfie is asking her if she knows where his dog treats are! Or maybe he's asking if Mabel wants to play fetch - what do you think?

We'd love to see your pets too! If you want you can tell us all about them and send us a picture to We'd love to feature them on 'pets at home' for the rest of school to see too :)

FrIday 1st May


Hello Everyone


It’s Friday! Well done for all your hard work this week! I hope you have enjoyed some of your class learning and also these Thrive pages about NATURE. 

We will continue to look out for wildlife, flowers and trees over the coming weeks because there is just so much happening at this time of year. When you are outside, you may suddenly come across some unusual insect or something really interesting- we would love to hear from you! If you have a photo or drawing that would also be can now email direct on the Thrive email….

We would also love to see your pets, so if you have a photo or short clip of your pet please send it to us. We will be featuring all pets on Pets at Home.


Here is a ladybird and a wood full of Bluebells!



You could sow some seeds…...


Sunflowers seeds or beans are easy to sow but you could try any summer flower or vegetable seeds. 

You will need a pot, a yoghurt pot with a hole in the bottom will do and then fill it with soil. Once the seedlings have a few leaves growing you will need to transplant them to a bigger pot or into your garden.

And remember….. seeds need light and water to grow!


Don't forget to follow the link we sent on Monday for the Thrive activities- there are lots of fun ideas for you to try this weekend!


Pets at home




Isla is back...



Thursday 30th April

Hello everyone 

We have had a bit of rain but hopefully we can get outside for a bit of fresh air today.

We thought it would be fun to make something today.

How about trying to make these little tiny homes for a favorite lego figure or your smallest soft toy?

You may need to hunt around for a few things to make it really interesting and creative.



Or you could make these Twig and string Art Ornaments, they are easy and fun to make, you could hang them inside as a decoration too!

You will need to collect some twigs and then you can use wool, string or ribbon.


We now have a Thrive email, so you can send us photos of your creations, drawings or something amazing of nature.

And we would really love to see a photo or a short video clip of your pet!

How exciting!


Pets at home







Wednesday 29th April

Hello everyone 

Welcome back to Thrive! It has been so good to get outside and really notice the nature around us, hasn’t it?

Today how about standing still and today using mostly your Ears!

Yes, today we will focus hard to hear nature! Can you try that?

First stand outside and listen for one minute. 

What can you hear?

Maybe voices? A car? A bird? A fly?

Take time and really listen, it is easy to hear the loud noises but listen out for the quiet ones too. You could try this a few times today and also in different places, perhaps out on a walk and also near your home.

 Here are some calves that I saw at the weekend on the farm nearby!

 Their legs look very long and thin!


 And look... some tiny lambs in the field!

Their mum is standing close by protecting them.


Pets at home


Hello Isla!

At the end of the day we all need to rest and to feel calm.

Think about when you feel calm? Perhaps you have a special place to sit down?

Perhaps it's when you are sitting close to someone on the sofa or having a hug.


Try to find out what makes you feel calm and relaxed today!

Tuesday 28th April 

Hi everyone 

Can you remember last week and when we were thinking about JOY-  Some of you made amazing Joy Jars and told one another funny jokes! Let's keep that going...    

Today we will continue to look at the NATURE all around us. Today, how about going on a Scent walk?

You can still keep your eyes open! But this time let your nose really do the work. 

What can you smell?

Maybe mown grass? Or a flower? Or a fresh leaf? Maybe other smells in your home? Cooking? Or Soap?

Are there smells you love and what about ones you really hate?! Can you see if anyone in your family likes the same smell as you?

Today is all about your nose! Get smelling!

Pets at home


 Isla is back! I wonder what she is up to today?

What is Isla looking for with her nose?

Why do you think Isla’s tail is wagging?

Monday 27th April

Hello everyone

I hope you are enjoying the sunny weather! Perhaps you have been for a walk or out on your bike or scooter or maybe you have a garden to play in. This week at Thrive we will be making the most of the Spring and will take time to notice the nature around our homes. Our Thrive Theme this week is …….    NATURE.

Spring is the best time to be on the lookout for new things in nature. It is a bit like a treasure hunt- if you look closely every day there will be something new.

I like to call this season “New Green”, because the leaves, shoots and buds are all a very vivid, fresh and bright green. “New Green” only lasts a few weeks, so let's get outside and find some!          

This week can you look for any new buds? Can you look for wildlife? Maybe a bird or a ladybird! How about counting how many different flowers can you see?

Could you draw something you have seen?

Or make a list of the different things you find?

Or take some photos of something really interesting?


Pets at home



This week we are going to be able to see Mrs Phillips’ dog Isla. Here she is waiting to have some fun. 


Each week we will upload some Thrive activities that you can do each day with your grown ups or dip in and out of whenever you want. There’s lots of creative things to do and a lot of ideas for having fun during this time. Here’s the link to the first one, if you are under 7, and here if you are under 11.

Friday 24th April

Happy Friday everyone, you made it to the weekend! You should give yourself a big pat on the back for all of your hard work this week!

I have another craft for us today. It’s called positive pebbles.

Positive pebbles

You will need: pebbles, washing up liquid, warm water, kitchen paper, colouring pens or paint.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Collect a few medium-sized pebbles from your garden or on your next walk. Large stones would work too
  2. Wash your pebbles and dry them completely on kitchen paper
  3. Think of some encouraging words or messages that make you feel positive
  4. Draw or paint them onto your pebble or even print them from your computer if you want to stick them on
  5. To make them last longer, you could paint PVA glue over the top to varnish them with a shine
  6. Marvel at your creation

You could put them on your desk or a shelf, use them as paperweights or even a pen holder if you find one with a hole in it. If you find a piece of wood, you could glue them on with hot glue and create a little collection (ask your grown up for help with this bit). Or you could give them to your friends or family as gifts, carefully choosing messages they would like.

Spend time reading your stones whenever you need to feel better or be positive!

Here’s some more inspiration for you.

Pebbles 2   Pebbles 3

Aren’t they amazing! What will you write on yours? I’d love to see them!

Pets at home


Jaffa has been having a game of hide and seek! She has been out in the garden today - can you spot where she is hiding and playing?

Click here to see if you spotted all the places.

Why not make a fact file about your pet - or even about Jaffa! Where do they live in your home? What do they like to eat? What makes them happy? What behaviours do they have?

I wonder if you can find out what breed of rabbit Jaffa is - check to see if you are right on Monday.

What a wonderful first week of the Thrive page everyone. We’ve thought about what brings us joy and tried to do these things every day; we’ve laughed at funny jokes together; we’ve been creative and made a jar of joy to help us stay positive and now we have positive pebbles to look forward to making over the weekend.

And how could we forget, this week we were introduced to Jaffa and we fell in love with her. Mrs Childs-Evans is very lucky to have such a wonderful pet. Pets can make us feel happy and bring us a lot of joy. They can also make us calm and help us to feel relaxed when we stroke them. I wonder if you can find some time over the weekend to sit and stroke your pet? Notice how it makes you feel!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! :)

Thursday 23rd April

Good morning! 

How are you feeling today? You might be feeling really joyful and that’s amazing, but you might also be feeling a bit fed up, missing school and especially missing your friends and family. If you are, you're not alone. Life is really different now because of Coronavirus, but the important thing to remember is that this won't last forever. We will see our friends and family again. What a joyful thought! Let's repeat it to ourselves today whenever we feel we need a little boost of happiness :)

What else could you do today to make you happy? You could call a friend to chat, listen to some music, go for a walk or play some games. I'm going to go for a walk in my favourite place. Here's a picture from my walk there yesterday.


Do you recognise it? It's very near to school!

Pets at home 


Look who's asked to see you all's Jaffa!

See if you can answer these questions from memory – you can watch the clip again to check!

  1. Can you remember where rabbits like to be stroked?
  2. What does Jaffa do when she is relaxed and content?
  3. Did you spot who Jaffa has been playing with today?

Why not act it out! Try playing charades as different animals or pets - maybe with your family or a friend on-line. Act out the behaviour of the animal and see if they can guess what you are. If you are a rabbit you could jump high and twitch your nose - just like Jaffa! 

You could also try the game of 10 questions - in a pair one of you think of an animal and the other one has to ask clever questions to try and guess what it is. The questions can only have a yes or no answer e.g.  Does this animal have a long tail? Is this animal smaller than a football? Is this animal one colour only? See how you get on!

Wednesday 22nd April


How are you feeling this morning?

I thought we’d start today with a few more jokes to make us smile.

What did the Science book say to the Maths book? Wow, you've got problems!

How do you talk to a giant? Use really big words!

How does the moon cut his hair? Eclipse it.

Minions laughing

The minions are still finding these jokes hilarious! What do you think? Did you write any of your own jokes? I'd love to hear them!

Yesterday we looked at how to make a jazzy jar of joy. Did you give it a go?

Here are some pictures of the jars that Mrs Philips and I made from our homes. 

Susannah jar 1   Susannah joy jar 2  Jennie joy jar

It was so lovely to start today with a positive message from my jar. I wonder if you did the same?

If you want you can take a picture of your jar and send it to your teacher, it might even appear on this page! Together we could inspire others to start their day with a positive message too :)



Pets at home


Jaffa's back!

I wonder what she's been up to this morning...

See if you can answer these questions from memory – you can watch the clip again to check!

  1. How does Jaffa keep herself clean?
  2. How does she manage to reach and clean her long ears?
  3. How many times a day does Jaffa clean herself?

Think about the routines of your pet – e.g. cleaning, feeding, walking, resting.

Can you draw and/or describe their routine – or even make a little cartoon strip to show what they do.

                                       Bugs Bunny.svg

Send them to your teacher if you’d like us to see and hear about them.

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday 21st April 

Good morning everyone!

What a lovely sunny day! It's the perfect day to get outside and play. If you can go outside at some point today, notice how the fresh air and warmth of the sunshine make you feel.

If, like me, you are in need of something creative to do today I have the perfect activity for us. Let's make a jazzy jar of joy together!

Jar of joy 4

You will need: a jar with a lid, some small strips of paper, pens, glue, stickers, magazine pictures, buttons, sequins or anything fancy that you would like to decorate the jar with. Here are some examples of what it could look like.

Joy jar   Joy jar 3  Joy jar 2

It's your jar of joy so you can add as much or as little to it as you want!

Next, write 31 joyful messages - you could ask your friends and family to help. Fold up the strips of paper and pop them in the jar. Some examples are ‘The world is full of beautiful things’, ‘I am loved’, ‘Happy days ahead’, ‘I can and I will’, ‘Life can be great’.

Take out a joyful message whenever you need a smile and read it to yourself out loud three times.

Why not start every day by picking out a joyful message and inviting your family to join in? Making it a daily activity will rewire your brain to be positive!

I'm going to make mine outside today, I'll show you tomorrow how I get on :)

 Pets at home


Wasn't it amazing to meet Jaffa yesterday. We are very lucky because we have another clip of her today, let's see what she's been up to.

What a happy rabbit!

See if you can answer these questions from memory – you can watch the clip again to check!

  1. How many times does Jaffa crawl through her tunnel?
  2. Can you spot the colour of the tips of her paws and end of her tail?
  3. Name four things Jaffa likes to do in when she is playing?
  4. What is the name of the high jump and twist that Jaffa can do?
  5. Can you spot where Jaffa tries to escape!?

Maybe you could make a list of all the things your pet does when he/she is happy e.g. running, jumping, purring, barking, wagging a tail, lying in the sunshine etc... How many can you think of I wonder?

Have a wonderful day children, we can't wait to see how you get on with your jars of joy and playing with your pets!


Monday 20th April

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the Thrive area! We are missing you a lot at school and we know you have been working so hard at home, so we have set up this page to have some fun together and look after our mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as growing our brains!

Each week we will upload some Thrive activities that you can do each day with your grown ups or dip in and out of whenever you want. There’s lots of creative things to do and a lot of ideas for having fun during this time.Here’s the link to the first one, if you are under 7, and here if you are under 11. 

We will also have a weekly theme and are going to be talking and sharing news of our pets at home whilst we can’t be at school.

To kick us off, this week’s theme is…..JOY!

                                             Joy from Inside Out

Joy is a feeling of deep happiness and it doesn’t depend on what is happening around us, so we can feel joy at any moment.

One of my favourite things to do is laugh and smile! Laughing releases happy hormones in our body and makes us feel good. I wonder what makes you laugh? It could be your crazy cat, your favourite TV show, your sibling or maybe you even make yourself laugh. But one thing I’m sure will make us all laugh is a good joke!

Here’s some I love:

Why did the kids cross the playground? To get to the other slide.

What do you call a dog magician? A labracadabrador.

What did the left eye say to the right eye? Between us, something smells!

   Minions laughing

OK, it might just be me and the minions that find these funny, but I’m sure you have jokes that you love – why don’t you share them with your family or message your friend. Maybe you could even write your own!

Find something today that brings you joy and makes you smile.

Pets at home


This term in our Thrive area we are going to think about our pets at home while we can’t be in school.

Do you have a pet at home?

Maybe you have more than one?

What type of pets do you have and how do you take care of them?

We would like to introduce you to Mrs Childs-Evans rabbit called Jaffa and share some of what she is up to at home.

See if you can answer these questions from memory – you can watch the clip again to check!

  1. How old is Jaffa?
  2. What colours is she?
  3. Can you name three things she eats every day?
  4. What is her favourite food?

Maybe you could make a video clip of your pet and make up your own memory game for someone in your family or your class.

We hope that we can hear about your pets this term too! If you would like to send us any pictures or interesting or funny facts about your pets then you can use your class email. 

Stay tuned for more updates on Jaffa tomorrow!

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