General Fun Family Activities

Playground 1
St Philip's Primary School

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Some ideas for activities at home:

  1. Read to them – look at picture books
  2. Get them to read to you
  3. Get them to read to each other
  4. Design and make a book mark
  5. Cooking and baking.
  6. Den building inside or in the garden
  7. Lego and construction activities and challenges - can you build a vehicle from only 10 pieces of lego?
  8. Puzzles – time how quick you can put a puzzle together/try a more challenging puzzle over a few days
  9. Craft kits or pin interest craft ideas – junk modelling
  10. Make playdough
  11. Drawing and painting
  12. Teach shoelaces, plaits and knots - use YouTube clips to follow
  13. Singing, karaoke and playing instruments
  14. Make instruments from old boxes, plastic bottles and strings
  15. Dressing up – make a shop, a garden centre, a farm
  16. Reorganise bedrooms and desks together
  17. Parachute games with a bedsheet and a ball in the garden with siblings
  18. Finger painting, potato printing
  19. Host a party or café outing for a favourite toy – makes invites, food and play party games
  20. Pasta and rice pictures
  21. Memory games – how many things can you remember on the tray?
  22. Simple magic tricks and card tricks
  23. Card games – together and by yourself
  24. Learn how to use chopsticks or simple DIY skills
  25. Planting and sorting in the garden
  26. Dance routines and gymnastic routines - film and show to the family
  27. Obstacle courses in the house or garden
  28. Indoor bowling and skittles with plastic bottles
  29. Indoor ring toss/boules
  30. Scavenger hunts/treasure hunts in the house and garden (or woods if possible)
  31. Code messages to send to friends
  32. Write a diary
  33. Make a photo diary
  34. Cardboard tube marble run
  35. Face painting
  36. Make sock puppets, simple sewing activities
  37. Look through old photos and make an album
  38. Balloon tennis
  39. Make a bug house for the garden
  40. Clay sculptures
  41. Sculpt your name or letters out of natural or household items
  42. Write a letter or postcard to a friend or family member
  43. Design a card or poster
  44. Home cinema with popcorn – write a movie review
  45. Make a home movie
  46. Write/learn and record a song
  47. Write/perform a play or poem


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